September 2016

19th September 2016

Meeting Megan Rix – 20th September 2016

By Molly, Year 6

At a quarter to nine this morning, St. Blaise Class left to go on an inspirational trip to Bishop Bronscombe School to meet a well-known author, Megan Rix.

Firstly she talked about working dogs. Because she told us lots of information about it, we all now know what the dogs had to do. She explained how the dogs had to be in a wheel to cook the meat on the fire place. This must have been very tiring and hot work! Although there are still working dogs today, they don’t work in this way. She said dogs help out with deaf people and people that can’t do things themselves. She used to train dogs and they even get the washing out of the washing machine. (Everyone looked surprised, probably wishing their dog could do the same!)

It was hysterical when her dog came in too early. Although she was cute, she wouldn’t allow herself to do a trick. It looked like all she seemed to care about was bonioes! Megan gave us a tip for dogs: never show the dog the treat before they do the trick. She was probably quite embarrassed, I know I would be. The dog that did this was Bella, but her other dog, Freya, did the trick. Altogether, she’s had five dogs and she’s trained them all.

After that she talked about writers’ tips. She said that the top tip of all is definitely to read lots, lots, lots and lots! She said this will give you lots of good ideas.   You also have to do lots of research, then gather good information, hand-write it, edit and then it goes to the publisher.

All of her books have dogs involved in them, with several other animals. Three of her books are set in World War 2 and her newest book is The Great Fire Dog. I think this inspired a lot of people – it definitely inspired me.

Today was great and, who knows, maybe I will be an author one day!