Class Structure and Staff

Ladock is a four-class school where children work in mixed age groups.  St. Cuby class is for our nursery and reception children; St. Keyne is where our year 1 and 2 children learn; St. Ladoca class is situated in our Victorian building and is for years 3 and 4 while the upper key stage 2 children work in our newest building, St. Blaise Class.


Celtic Cross Education CEO - Mr Stuart Renshaw

Celtic Cross Education School Improvement Partner: Mr Shaun Perfect

Head of School:  Mr Chris Stoyles (who also teaches in St Blaise Class)

SEN co-ordinator for our MAT: Mrs R Moseley

School Secretary:  Mrs J Batchelor

PE teacher: Miss J Danks and Mr R Webb

St Cuby Class teachers:  Mrs C Denning and Miss J Norgard  TA: Mrs C Rimmer

St Keyne Class teacher: Miss B Harris  TA:  Miss J Morcom

St Ladoca Class teacher: Mr A Cornish  TAs: Mrs L Dawkins and Miss C Burley

St Blaise Class teacher: Mrs M Stevenson/Mr Stoyles TA: Mrs E Milling

TIS Practitioner: Mrs E Milling;  Dyslexia Champion: Mrs C Rimmer;  Autism Champion: Miss J Morcom