2014 Curriculum


Curriculum overview

Our curriculum

We have embraced the principles of Immersive project-based learning at Ladock School providing a creative, inclusive and challenging curriculum which inspires and motivates children and supports high quality learning.

Starting from the child

We start planning projects from the interests of our children and then design learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging and have real world outcomes. Teachers then plan the outcomes ensuring they always start with the children at the heart of the planning and then what will excite and motivate children in class.

Immersive classrooms

Our classrooms are created each term to enable children to be fully immersed in their project. You will see tables and chairs but also a rich and exciting learning environment.

Real Projects

With REAL projects children develop skills and knowledge through work focused on answering an essential question. The projects must be ‘Rigorous’, be shared with ‘Authentic’ audiences, ‘Engaging’ and the children must ‘Learn’ throughout.

Challenge based learning

Children are given challenges and they then apply their skills and make choices to solve the problems. Children work together to solve real world problems which are relevant and engaging. These challenges develop knowledge, understanding, problem solving and collaborative skills
Our Maths and English curriculums are planned using the programmes of study presented in the Primary National Curriculum and these are attached in the files below. In key stage 1 our phonics scheme is Read, Write Inc which we also use to support children in key stage 2 if needed.  We use a range of reading schemes including Start Reading by Wayland, Oxford Reading Tree and The Big Cat Phonics.  The children progress through coloured book bands until, as competent, confident readers they move to their own choice from our library.  We also greatly value reading aloud to children and enjoy sharing serialised stories in our classes.   
All the other subjects can be seen in the curriculum overview jigsaw.  Each term we build an exciting and creative scheme of work to be undertaken in the three classes and details of these will be shown on our class pages which are currently under construction.
Our Foundation Stage children follow the EYFS curriculum (see below) with exciting elements of the Inspire Curriculum interwoven. 
For further information about our curriculum please speak to class teachers.  The Primary National Curriculum is available to view at