School Monitoring Council and Finance

What was known as our governing body is now called the School Monitoring Council. We are part of a joint School Monitoring Council with Veryan school.  The primary concern of the School Monitoring Council is monitoring all aspects of school life, namely:
i. Monitor pupil performance
ii. Monitor the impact of Pupil Premium funding and how this helps these pupils to narrow the gap with non-Pupil Premium pupils.
iii. Monitor the provision and balance of the curriculum offer
iv. Monitor the learning outcomes from high quality teaching
v. Monitor the effectiveness of the leadership of the school on all levels
vi. Monitor pupils care, welfare and behaviour
vii. Monitor the Christian distinction of the schools and how the ethos and values underpin the work of the school
viii. Monitor the attendance of the schools against MAT and national benchmarking ix. Monitor the well-being of staff
They meet 4 times a year and the principal focus of each meeting will be the termly monitoring report created with the Head of School.  This will incorporate the monitoring visit reports and impact from SEF priorities and data.  Councillors will use this report to steer the monitoring towards areas that require action and a record is kept of the impact that is being achieved. 
Each councillor has an area of specific responsibility.
If you would like to contact our chair of the School Monitoring Council - Andrew Nicholson, his email address is
School Monitoring Council Chair - Andrew Nicholson
Safeguarding School Monitoring Councillor  - Vice Chair - Rachel Carbis
School Monitoring Councillor - Hannah Kendle