In line with Government guidance, Ladock school will only be open to vulnerable and key worker children from Tuesday 5th January. Please do not visit or enter the school site without prior arrangement. Thank you for your understanding. School will re-open to all children from Monday 8th March 2021.

St Blaise

Welcome to Blaise. 

We are a Year 5/6 class.

Our class teacher is Mr Cornish and our teaching assistant is Mrs Milling. 

Please don't hesitate to pop in and see us if you have any questions or concerns or ring and leave a message.


Autumn Term 2 2019 
Autumn Term 1 2019
This half term our theme is based around slime. 
In the first half of the term we will explore the key question: How Safe is Slime?
We all care about the environment. Well… at least we should.
Slime is all the rage with children at the moment… and with some adults as well! But is slime safe? And how does it affect the environment? When you make slime, you’re making a plastic. What effect does making all this slime have on the environment? What can we do to make slime safer?

How will we achieve this? 

Calculate the popularity of slime within Ladock School and wider afield. (Maths)

Make slime – using an irreversible reaction. (Science)

Write a set of instructions on how to make safe slime. (Literacy)

Write a persuasive text encouraging people to make safe slime. (Literacy)

Recording a radio advertisement for our SLIME sale. (Computing / Music)

Create a slime inspired by a world flag. (Geography)

Designing posters for our SLIME sale. (ART)

Write a non-chronological report about plastic. (History)

Design and make our own slime and containers for selling. (DT)

Complete our slime sale and calculate if a profit has been generated. (Maths)

Science – Properties of Materials

R.E. – God – What does it mean if God is holy and loving?