Consultation on a proposed change to the Admissions Policy for Celtic Cross Education Schools. 
We are reviewing out school admissions arrangements for the year 2022-23.  Please note that there are two main proposals of change, which are
  • a change to the waiting list criteria.  Legal requirements state that pupils should remain on a school’s waiting list for one term only, in the year of entry.  
  • An addition to the oversubscription criteria for children in care outside of England and a related definition.     

The proposed arrangements and consultation document can be found above, and on each school website. 

We openly invite comments from all stakeholders on these proposed admission arrangements in accordance with the School Admissions Code.  The consultation period begins on Wednesday 16th December and will end on Wednesday 27th January 2021; this totals a period of 6 weeks. 

You can submit your comments by emailing the school secretary or in writing to the school's address; details can be found on the school website.  Please reference ‘Consultation Admission Arrangements 22-23’ as your subject heading.  Comments are invited by the close of the school day on 27th January 2021.   We will, in due course, provide appropriate consultation feedback. 

Please find below:
  • A letter that outlines the consultation and the changes being proposed.
  • The admissions policy, in draft form, for 2022-23