Vision, Aims and Values

An enriched learning environment…
At Ladock, we combine opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve within an environment where children acquire a love of knowledge. This is done through creating stimulating and enjoyable experiences, catering for different learning styles.


Our School Christian Values

Our School Christian Values are very important to us.  They guide us in our school life helping us to make be kind and compassionate to each other and to work hard.  They are:

Perseverance, Trust, Truth, Respect, Compassion and Forgiveness.



… where pupils experience the many benefits of a small village school.”

As a Church School we pride ourselves on creating a warm, supportive Christian environment which also acknowledges other faiths and the diversity of cultures within the Global Community.
Woddland art and sculptures 009
“We want learning to be interesting …
We believe that children learn best by being actively involved in activities, through first hand experiences and using their senses. We therefore provide a range of activities that are interesting, enjoyable, challenging and fun!
Down in the tunnels.
…enjoyable, challenging and fun!”
We encourage our children to explore, experiment, question, investigate, discover, create, practise and consolidate their developing understanding, knowledge and skills.
Our name defines what we seek to do...

Learning for life; enthusing, inspiring, expecting the best...
Achieving; encouraging, creating, celebrating
Diversity; inclusive, interdependence
Opportunities for all; nurturing, confident
Community, church and child; faith, family
Kind and caring; valued, unique, happy