Courageous Advocacy

Here at Ladock School we strive to be considerate global citizens. This involves identifying where there is a need in our local or global community and doing our best to meet that need. This might be through sponsorships, fundraising, or other practical ways of making a difference. 
WWF Turtle Adoption
In 2019, our School Council decided they would like to adopt an animal through the World Wildlife Fund. We chose a turtle! We get regular updates about our turtle and have named our cuddly turtle "Shelley"!
Compassion UK Child Sponsorship
After a half term spent studying Africa in Spring 2020, Keyne class (Year 1/2) decided they would like to sponsor a child living in Africa through the charity Compassion UK. His name is Patrick and he lives in Uganda! Our sponsorship gives him access to regular meals, education and healthcare and allows him to experience the love of Jesus. We write to and pray for Patrick regularly.
Truro Foodbank
Every year as part of our harvest festival celebrations, Ladock School collects donations of food to send to Truro Foodbank. As a result of the pandemic, use of Foodbanks in the UK increased dramatically. During lockdown, we also set up our own 'Ladock Pantry' which members of the community were able to access. 
Mogo Public School, New South Wales, Australia
After seeing the news of the devastating bush fires in Australia, the school council wanted to raise money for an affected school. In February 2020, we help an "Australia Day" which involved us working in mixed age groups to complete lots of Australia-themed activities. We learnt about the geography of Australia, learnt Australian animals, made Australian aboriginal art and made a koala collage. At the end of the day, we invited parents in to purchase the artwork the children had made amongst other donated items, such as clothes, books and toys. The money raised was donated to Mogo Public School to buy new school supplies. 
Leprosy Mission
Through learning about leprosy and Jesus healing lepers in their RE lessons, Blaise class wanted to do something about it. They decided to hold a teddy ticket raffle to raise money for Leprosy Mission. 
Christian Aid
We were inspired by the Christian Aid Letters for Creation Project (2021-2022) to create our own artwork expressing our views on the climate crisis. We displayed some of artwork at Ladock Church for the congregation and community to see. 
Other Charities
In the past, we have also raised money for:
Children in Need
Comic Relief
Cornwall Air Ambulance