St Cuby Class (EYFS)

Welcome to Cuby class!
Our EYFS team are Mrs Carly Denning and Miss Edwards and the Teaching Assistants are Miss Kiera Sherrocks, Mrs Lucy Julian and Mrs Gemma Sluggett. 
In the Foundation Stage we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We cater for both Nursery and Reception children, taking children from their 3rd birthday all the way through to the end of their Reception Year. It is a happy, vibrant room where children can access learning at all levels and develop independence and social skills in a supportive and happy environment. Children are taught to read and write through the systematic phonics program 'Read, Write, Inc'.
Mrs Carly Denning


My favourite book is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
This was the first book that I read and enjoyed at primary school. The whole school were going to the cinema to see the film when it was released and my mum said I could not go if I didn’t finish the book. I was so upset and couldn’t understand why not.
Until I read the book!..... It drew me into an amazing fantasy garden full of beautiful things and wonderful adventures. I imagined everything about the characters and imagined myself in the garden with them. Luckily I finished the book so could go to the cinema with my class. However, I much preferred the book and the story that I had imagined!

Mrs Sarah Edwards


My favourite book is The Magic Faraway Tree
I love reading because getting lost in a book provides and escape from everyday life. It helps me relax and I enjoy experiencing life through another lens. It is one of my favourite pastimes.

Mrs Lucy Julian

Teaching Assistant

One of my favourite stories growing up was Roald Dahl's The BFG I first remember it being read to me in assembly at primary school, I was absolutely fascinated by the magical story within the first chapter. I remember for a couple of months after reading the book wishing that a Big Friendly Giant would visit me in the middle of the night and scoop me up!

Miss Keira Sherrocks

Teaching Assistant

My favourite childhood books were the Rainbow Magic Fairy collection books. I have fond memories reading them with my mum and sister and I enjoyed collecting them when I got pocket money.
The stories were always so exciting and action packed, and I loved learning about each fairy and what her powers were!

Autumn Term 2
This term we will be focussing on different types of celebrations on the build up to Christmas! It would be lovely to hear about how different families celebrate and if you have any personal celebrations to share.
Virtual Tour of Cuby Class!
We would love you to have a look around our space. If you would like to come and see the classroom please contact the school as we would love to see you.
Phonics and Early Reading
Books and reading are a very important part of our routine in Early Years. We listen to and read stories daily and encourage the children to create stories in many different ways.
We follow Read Writing Inc Phonics that is delivered daily. Once the children have an understanding of sounds  and blending will begin to send them home with books with words. These books will match the sounds that they have been taught in phonics. We would love for you to read with them as much as possible to enhance and build on what they are being taught in school. In school we read individually with the children on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Books will be changed depending on the needs of the child. We do however like the book to be read more than once so that the child can spend the first time decoding and the rest comprehending and enjoying the story.
As your child learns a new sound, they will bring that sound home with them. They will have a sound card and a sound sheet. Please help your child to complete the sheet and also use the sounds cards to help recall the sounds and also begin to use them to create simple words, helping them to sound out the letters and blend them together.
We really value the time and support that you give us in teaching reading. We hope that each child will grow up with a love of books and reading!
Forest School Day
We had a forest school focus day.
We got to make hats and pictures with leaves and used the things we found on the field to make mobiles and pictures.
At the end of the day we got to toast marshmallows on a fire! Yummy!