St Blaise Class (UPKS2)

Welcome to Blaise 

We are a Year 5/6 class.

Our class teacher is Miss Green and our teaching assistant is Mrs Milling. 


Please don't hesitate to pop in and see us if you have any questions or concerns or ring and leave a message.


Mrs Claire Green


As a child, my favourite story was called ‘The Kingfisher and Nightingale’. It is a short story that tells the tale of how a kingfisher got its beautiful colours and how the nightingale got its sonorous voice; I chose it every night (much to the chagrin of my parents) and would transport myself to the magical land of singing winds and babbling streams. Another reason I chose it over and over again was because I had few books at home, that was until I discovered the local library, then a whole new world opened up to me. Suddenly, a word of witches (The Worst Witch), mysteries (The Nancy Drew Series) and girls a bit like me (anything by the author Judy Blume) opened it up to me, and my world got quite a bit bigger. Now I take my own children to the library so that their world can grow too.

Mrs Elaine Milling

Teaching Assistant

My favourite book that I remember from my childhood was Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and was first published in 1877. I have a love for animals, especially horses, and used to ride a dapple grey pony called Cobweb. Black Beauty was a marvellous, sweet-natured, strong horse who had many adventures with his many owners. He went from a grand carriage horse on a country estate-to a hard working cab horse in London, survived a stable fire and was ill-treated on occasions. But he never gave up and his final years were kind and happy. The author hoped that this book would influence people to treat animals better.

We are passionate about reading in Blaise and weave reading into our daily timetable. Encouraging lots of talk around books, sharing recommendations and providing time so that children may become lost in reading, as we embed reading for pleasure.
To support reading for pleasure, we have daily Guided Reading lessons. We begin the week by developing and broadening our vocabulary knowledge as we recognise the importance of understanding the meaning and context of a word when building on our reading comprehension skills. During the week, we focus on different elements of the reading VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise) through short activities link to the focus text. On Friday, we re-read the focus text and answer a mixture of VIPERS questions, ensuring we are able to justify our views and scan texts quickly.
In addition, for those children needing additional support, we deliver a systematic reading programme that draws on children's earlier phonics knowledge from RWI. As well as offering daily 1:1 reading that can promote fluency or comprehension, depending on the needs of this child.