Curriculum Statement


Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, Ladock Schools ‘Rainbow Curriculum’ is now in its second year of development. We define ‘The Rainbow Curriculum’ as the totality of a child’s experience at Ladock C of E School, specifically reflecting on our Christian Ethos with the aim to equip children with the tools they need to progress to the next phase in their lives. At the heart of everything we do here at Ladock is our vision of ‘loving, learning, achieving together’.  This involves a covenant or promise between all stakeholders to work together to provide an exciting, stimulating curriculum with a strong emphasis on the responsibility we all have to care for our fellow human beings both near and far and to be responsible custodians of the earth God created and required us to look after.  The rainbow is a powerful visual reminder of this promise. 

Curriculum Design

All stakeholders were part of the development of the curriculum design. To ensure curriculum quality, we have introduced the following:

Developed sequential learning throughout the school, ensuring children build sufficiently on previous knowledge by picturing the curriculum as a progression model.

Created a Knowledge Organiser for each topic giving the children clear focus for their learning and linking the new knowledge with previous learning.

Provided children with clear outcomes in order to help achieve curriculum ambitions.

Included regular links to core subject disciplines considering breadth and curriculum content.

Established joint curriculum leadership/ownership and listened to the pupil voice.

Crafted specific skills required to be successful in learning through a two- year progression cycle.


At Ladock School, we are committed to developing caring and holistic individuals who are passionate about their learning. The Rainbow Curriculum aids in maximising frequent opportunities for meaningful cross-curricular links and practical learned experiences. Celebrating the school’s unique characteristics, our curriculum is broad and balanced with topics covered linking to our school heritage together with exploring a range of themes from further afield. Following our school mission statement of ‘Loving, learning, achieving together,’ our curriculum has been designed collaboratively as a team where an issue, problem or leading question enables children to become fully immersed in the exploration of their topic. Our school ‘knowledge organisers’ strengthen children’s ability to learn at a deeper level, allowing them to articulate their learning through the development of rich and challenging vocabulary.

It is our passion to stretch and challenge every individual’s potential through a nurturing and loving approach. Each topic is supported by an experience, such as a trip or visit from an expert, to engage the children and further enhance their understanding. At Ladock we believe that the wider the breadth of experiences we can provide the better prepared our children are for later life. We offer residential visits to London, North Devon and Porthpean during the children's time with us.

Our key aim is that when children leave us to move on to secondary school, they have developed:

Respect for the feelings and rights of others, regardless of age or background.

Trusting key friendships with peers when transitioning to the next phase of education.

Compassion and an ambition to help alleviate the misfortune of others.

Perseverance to achieve regardless of difficulty with a sense of effort and determination.

Truthfulness as moral citizens who stay truthful to themselves and others.

Forgiveness and decision-making strategies to maintain growth and happiness for all. With children understanding that it is ok to get things wrong.

Clear strategic planning has allowed the curriculum to be powerful and provide links to the context of the school and the unique local environment. The curriculum has high expectations in the deliverance of a breadth of key vocabulary combining transferable cross curricular links throughout a child’s learning journey across the school.   
 Below you will find Year Overviews for each class
Cuby - EYFS
Keyne - Year 1/2
Ladoca - Year 3/4
Blaise - Year 5/6