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Now is a great time to really practise our handwriting.  If you don't yet have a pen licence, this will help you to improve your skills so that you can earn some PLs.  If you do, you still need to work on your handwriting to ensure you develop your style and don't lose any of the skills you've worked so hard to learn.  
In the file below, I have written some information for parents to read so that they know how best to help and use the materials provided.  Please read this first before embarking on the sessions.  There are four letter formation sheets and four poems.  Please go slowly and carefully, really concentrating on the quality of your work.  Some of you will be able to do a letter formation sheet and a poem each day; some of you will find it more helpful to do little chunks at a time.  Whichever works for you is fine, just make sure you do some each day and try really hard with the letter formations.  Try to learn the poems too as learning poetry by heart is part of the English curriculum. 
I will do some more sessions next week.  Let me know how you get on and if you need me to make any changes.  Have fun!
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Below are plans and resources to use.
We would encourage children to ensure that they are reading every day and quizzing using their login for accelerated reader. If your child/children are not able to access school books, please refer to the accelerated reader link on the Home Learning Platform to see whether books from home have an available quiz.
We would also like to encourage children to practice their recall of multiplication and division facts, these can be accessed from links within the Home Learning Platform under '99 Club Juniors' and 'Morning Maths' Children in Year 4 are expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the Summer Term in preparation for a recently introduced government test.
Please read the information carefully and use the links given.
If you need any help or advice our emails are:
Have fun!