Ladock has an inclusive ethos and aims to ensure children’s entitlement to a broad, balance and relevant curriculum by setting suitable learning challenges, responding to children’s diverse learning needs and by overcoming potential barriers to learning. The school is aware of the fact that, vital to a child’s progress, is a healthy self-esteem and, to this end, a range of opportunities exist to develop personal and social skills, self- esteem and confidence. Tolerance and acceptance of others is an explicit aspect of the school ethos. All adults within the school respond to children’s diverse learning needs by considering that: 
  • The children are motivated and able to concentrate
  • Teaching approaches provide equality of opportunity
  • Personal targets are set for learning
  • Appropriate approaches to assessment are used
  • The learning environment is appropriate

We are pro-active in our support of individuals through our behaviour management strategies, use of the TIS approach and professional development for staff. We actively promote positive learning habits - Resourcefulness, Reciprocal, Reflectiveness and Resilience in all aspects of school life and beyond in order to develop pupil’s life skills ensuring their readiness for the future. Our school values each and every individual child and family.

At Ladock, we recognise that every child is different and has their own individual needs.  We also recognise that these needs may change over time and that children may require additional support to help them reach their full potential.  This support may be needed in the short term, or may need sustaining over a longer period. 

SEND Staff

Mrs Swift, is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).  She has completed the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination. Mrs Swift supports staff in identifying children who may need additional support through consultation with parents and other professionals, observation and assessment.  She then plans support for them with the class teacher and monitors their progress closely. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss this with Mrs Swift at any time.  Please contact the school office on 01726 882622

Mrs Milling is our Trauma Informed Schools practitioner. She plans and ensures the delivery of a school wide approach to emotional and social support of children across all classes in the school, including the ongoing assessment of the emotional and social needs of all children.

We run a rainbows nurture group two afternoons a week. This is run by Mrs Milling.

 Assess Plan Do Review

We follow the 'Assess Plan Do Review' cycle at Ladock, as outlined in the SEN Code of Practice.  All children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities have individual targets, recorded on a class provision map.  Parents and pupils (where appropriate) are invited to termly meetings to review their progress against these targets and will be involved with setting new targets for the term ahead.  Every pupil with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities also has an ‘all about me’ profile, a chance for them to share their feelings and to provide a summary for all staff working with them of their individual needs.